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Heya, I'm Ripley (he / they), I'm a non-binary digital (SFW) artist & certifiable weirdo. Mostly working on fan art & long terms personal projects, just getting into animating, too. Big fan of Pico & Tankmen. Always open to friendly PMs!

Ripley @werecatamount

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Otto sprite progress


Finished the sketches for Ottos idle animation & down, left, right, up! I had no idea it was so easy to make these lil funky animations. Basically, it's 5 frames for idle and 8 frames for directional. Pretty neat, huh? Now I just have to line & colour this cool dude.

Here's just the idle animation as well:


Casper & Ripley sprites



These two are yet to be animated, but I definitely will be making full sprite sets for them. They are my OCs from a story I've been working on for several years, and I hope to post more about them here! Gonna start out with these for now, though.

Idk if I will ever be able to make an actual mod with any of these since I lack the programming & musical skill, but nevertheless they are fun to make!



Collab bro?! Let's make stuff!

Hello! My name is Ripley and I'm a digital illustrator, character designer, and beginner animator. I just wanted to put it out there that I am open for collaborations of all kinds!

I'm available for projects such as:

  • Art collabs! (I do the lineart, you do the colouring or vice versa).
  • Comic collabs (single page or full series).
  • Animation collabs, or parts for Multiple Animator Projects.
  • Character design collabs (to sell or work into other projects).
  • Story / Headworld development.

I'm looking to collaborate with people who are passionate about creating! Preferably looking for people with similar skill levels & interests. Whether it's a fan project or one with original characters, I'm okay with either. I'd be happy to collaborate together for short term or long term projects.

I can also help out with things like:

  • Art assets for games (static or animated character sprites, backgrounds, UI & item design, etc.)
  • Logos or text design for games.

Yeah, I would love to be able to contribute my skills to a game if an artist is needed! I can work with text descriptions to bring your ideas to life.


I am by no means a professional, but I always put love into my work & make it as polished as possible. That being said, I also love to experiment, try new things, and challenge myself! I'm not seeking to be paid, or to have to pay to work on a project, I am just looking to find other people as passionate about creating & bringing ideas to life.

If you wish to collaborate with me, shoot me a message here on Newgrounds with the idea that you have or a project you need me for and we can go from there! Also, I have discord and we can chat on there if we decide to work together :D

(( Pssst... If you like my work but aren't looking to collaborate, I am also open for commissions. Just message me for more information. ))


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